Curator: Tirza True Latimer; Assoc. Curator: Robert C. Melton
SomArts Galleries, San Francisco
June 1 - 30, 2008
Wonder opens horizons of possibility beyond the constraints of “nature” and “law.” It makes room for desire, for doubt, for dreams, for experimentation, for resistance, for things not known and considered unimaginable. Under the current totalitarian political regime, where options appear to close at every turn, wonder may still free the spirit and the mind to imagine and enact alternatives. This exhibition explores the territories that “wonder” may share with “queer.”
Steven M. Allen Lauren Anderson Terry Berlier Anna Campbell Terry Castle

Tom Coaker
Miles Conrad
E.G. Crichton
Torreya Cummings
Grace Villarin Dueñas
Angelo DiPietrantonio
Steven Elliott
Rebeca Liberty Emmons
Adrianne Fernandez
Andrew Fisher
Jerry Lee Frost eddie gesso Jason Hanasik Patrick Hillman Patricia Hulin
Michael Johnstone with David Faulk
Lynnly Labovitz
Nancer Lemoins
Terry R Marashlian
Erin McElroy
Matt Momchilov
Jann Nunn
Xavier Radic
Lacey Jane Roberts
David Gremard Romero
Jessica Karin Rosen
Shauna Steinbach
Julie Sutherland
Lynne Todaro
Jesse Trepper
Vita Wells
Jani Wild