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Lieve Snellings

Without Words
photograph, 8" x12"
Without Words (installation view)
Eating Icecream (installation view)
Photographic series, 6 images, 2.75 "x 4"
Eating Icecream

Lieve Snellings

Annebel was diagnosed with an inoperable lung cancer.  She hoped to have a couple of years, we knew it would be months.   These last three months, we all lived so intensely that there also was space for enjoyment and playing, and this made us finally accept death, give it a place in our lives.

This photo series is the last one I took of her.  She was performing, giving a real show of how fantastic ice cream could be.  In harsh times, like here being in war with cancer that she couldn’t win, little things like eating ice cream can mean so much, give a real joy to life...

I was in Bosnia in 1994, during the war with a Women’s Convoy to Tuzla.  I was so much touched by the will to survive I experienced with these women.

This is a photo of a Bosnian woman we met on the street.  You can see her experiences of war.  You can taste the pain in her face, though at the same time there is kindness in her eyes.