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David Rodrigues

David Rodrigues - installation view
Sleeping - 2005
stitched linen - 15 x 15cm (unframed)
Never Mind - 2005
stitched linen - 18 x 18cm (unframed)
Is It Too Big? - 2005
stitched linen - 18 x 18cm (unframed)

David Rodrigues

The psychological war that faces us every day manifests itself in different forms. The struggle to identify and come to terms with the situations that we find our selves in especially those that we look for on a subconscious level; mine being bad relationships!

And being gay although that’s not really an issue.

My pencil is my sewing machine and fabric my paper and it’s the mental struggle that I represent in my work snippets of events real, imagined and half truths that manifest themselves into the stitched drawings, using scrap material it’s the image and the hidden message that becomes important.