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Thomas Plagemann

Thomas Plagemann Thomas Plagemann
Thomas Plagemann Thomas Plagemann
Thomas Plagemann Thomas Plagemann

Thomas Plagemann

These paintings take their form based on several areas of overlapping personal interest and the ways in which they have synthesized over the past two years. Those interests, some new others ongoing, include the construct of society, notions of civility and progress, the mythology of warfare, and the promise of technology and the Machine.

There is no opposing side among these combatants because I can find little significant difference in any of the rationale that ignites and perpetuates conflict. I have isolated them against a metaphoric backdrop that is at once anytime and everywhere, allowing the viewer to consider the socio-psychological machinery that enables men to repeat ineffable acts of inhumanity with relative ease.

There is an instant when the pages of a history book presage the future and it is the apparently elusive nature of this prescient moment that I find compelling. Memory is selective by nature; perhaps it is this very exclusivity that renders it susceptible to manipulation.