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I want Condi - 2005
acrylic/mixed media - 16" x 16"


My country is at war with the world.

My culture is at war with my community.

I am alarmed and saddened at the choices we are allowing our “leaders” to make. History will show those wealthy individuals, big corporations, the media, our “elected” politicians, and the medical/pharmaceutical profession, have been selfishly steering us all towards the edge of doom.

But I am a gay man, not a lemming, and that’s why they hate me.

These conditions are not new.  We humans seem to progress in cycles.  I believe that as more people become dissatisfied with the current cycle of greed, discrimination, and total disregard for global harmony and Earth consciousness, the seeds of progress are now ready to germinate. Are you ready for another “Summer of Love” (only with newer technology and better haircuts)?

Remember who you are!