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David Leroi

Atomic Trick - 2005
graphite on paper - 20" x 25 1/2" framed
One for the money two for the show - 2004
graphite on paper - 20" x 25 1/2" framed
September 10th - 2001
graphite on paper - 20" x 25 1/2" framed
SuperThinker - 2004
graphite on paper - 36" x 56" framed

David Leroi

The common theme of my drawings is war: terrorism, doubtful assailants, war as a show and incomparable power of destruction with a critical and ironic aspect.

By choosing black and white only, the eye is not distracted by colors and targets the right message.  My drawings act as little bombs whose critical meanings are hidden by humor and irony.

When a serious matter is expressed not as dramatically as it is in reality, we seem more concerned, and  if my drawings make people smile, it is often an uncomfortable or bitter smile.