Martin Allman
Veruska Bellestri
Bill Bowers
Cathy Cade
Lee Campbell
Mario Chejab
Tyler Cohen
Eliot K. Daughtry
Michael Derry
Jenn DeWald
Ben Fife &  Brent Armendinger
Jamie Griffiths
Kenneth Hemmerick
Eva Henneberry
Sherri Hepler
Valerie Jacobs
Shannon Jamieson
David Leroi
Libera Mazzoleni
Thomas Plagemann
Ricardo Regules
Lacey Jane Roberts
David Rodrigues
Tejal Shah
José Silva-Rosinhas
Lieve Snellings
Sandra Ortiz Taylor
Andrew Thomas
Skye Thorstenson
Christian W. Right
Lanayé Yriqui La Yaqui
Roberta Zerbi Zoppi


National Queer Arts Festival 2005
Visual Arts Exhibition
SomArts Gallery, San Francisco

What does it mean to be at War?
To be at war with another / or with oneself.
Racial / Gender / Cultural / Environmental War.
War of Values / of Words.
War against Bodies / against Sexuality / against Civil Liberties / against Human Rights / against Self-Expression.
War with one's identity / within one’s family / within   one’s community.
War with another country / within one’s own country.
The weapons of fear.  The weapons of mass   destruction.
The weapons of shame.  The weapons of self-loathing.
The violence of hate. The violence of   righteousness. The violence of intolerance.
The violence of ignorance. The violence of   transformation.
The destruction of cultures.  The destruction of   community.  The destruction of self.
The atrocities of war.  The cancer of apathy.

Participating Artists
Martin Allman United Kingdom
Veruska Bellestri Italy
Bill Bowers United States
Cathy Cade United States
Lee Campbell United Kingdom
Mario Chejab Columbia
Tyler Cohen United States
Eliot K. Daughtry United States
Michael Derry United States
Jenn DeWald United States
Ben Fife &  Brent Armendinger United States
Jamie Griffiths United Kingdom/Canada
Kenneth Hemmerick Canada
Eva Henneberry United States
Sherri Hepler United States
Valerie Jacobs United States
Shannon Jamieson Canada
David Leroi United States
Libera Mazzoleni Italy
Mitcho United States
Thomas Plagemann  United States
Ricardo Regules Mexico
Lacey Jane Roberts United States
David Rodrigues United Kingdom
Tejal Shah India
José Silva-Rosinhas Portugal
Lieve Snellings Belgium
Sandra Ortiz Taylor United States
Andrew Thomas Germany
Skye Thorstenson United States
Christian W. Right United States
Lanayé Yriqui La Yaqui United States
Roberta Zerbi Zoppi Italy


Kim Anno
Tina Butcher
Armando Rascón
Rev. Tim Taylor

Gallery Director
Ann Aptaker

Artistic Director, Qcc
Pamela Peniston

WAR was funded by a generous grant
from the Zellerbach Family Fund