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Eva Henneberry

Quilt - 2003
Piecing, collage, photo transfers
Peace Quilt - 2003
Piecing, collage, photo transfers - 72" x 78"

Eva Henneberry

I live life through feeling and color…To create balance between color and texture I strive to make strong and beautiful quilts.

It is meaningful to me that quilt making is a woman’s art and heritage that I am but one link in a tradition of women expressing their opinions in cloth, needle and thread.

Bondage—Many forms of bondage were considered in this piece, from war to family strife to sexual abuse, especially of women in our society.

Habitat Encroachment—This quilt was my comment on the increasing urbanization of wild lands and the struggles associated with that.  I made a cityscape and a landscape and then “merged” them, with metastatic creeping of the city into the landscape.