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Jenn DeWald

Bloodshed - 2005
Mixed Media
Bloodshed - 2005
Mixed Media

Jenn DeWald

Bloodshed.  “The separation between church and state—lies Somewhere Between the President and the Pope.”

Bloodshed was born from the current administration and its decisions/policies.  It was hard for me to accept the possibility of the US Constitution changing based on the definition of marriage, rearranged to fit a purely heterosexual construct.  From here, the work bloomed into many other social issues including the loss of innocent men and women to yet another war.

The piece is a 5 1/2 ft. sculpture of a soldier carrying headlines from the Viet Nam was over its body.  I chose these headlines based on their parallels to the war in Iraq and beyond, today.  Toy soldiers, cemeteries, our Capitol, bombs falling all found their way onto this soldier figure as did the message for piece and art to reside in our lives instead of all the killings.