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Timeline created by Jeff Jones

1889 Oscar Wild performs in San Francisco "When people disappear they always seem to turn up in San Francisco."
1906 Following the earthquake, Gertrude Stein's brother returns to SF to assess real estate damages and brings with him paintings by Matisse. Alice B Toklas moves to Paris and meets Gertrude.
1926 Elsa Gidlow moves to SF; wrote nation's first book of explicitly Lesbian poetry (ON A GREY THREAD-1923)
1935 Dr.Magnus Hirschfeld lectures in San Francisco.
1944 Robert Duncan publishes "The Homosexual In Society" one of the earliest formulations of a theory of Gay rights.
1955 Ginsberg reads HOWL in public for first time
1957 San Francisco prosecutes Ferlinghetti and Ginsberg for publishing obscenity--HOWL AND OTHER POEMS
1958 Jack Kerouac publishes DHARMA BUMS, set in Bay Area
1961 Drag queen Jose Sarria runs for Board of Supervisors and gets 5600 votes
1974 First Castro Street Fair held
1976 TALES OF THE CITY first appears in the Chronicle
Angels of Light Mindkamp Cabaret
1977 Theater Rhinoceros, Frameline, Gay Men's Chorus and Lesbian/Gay Marching Band formed.
WORD IS OUT premieres at the Castro Theater
Photographer/Actor Harvey Milk elected to the Board of Superviosrs as the first openly Gay person in public office in California.
1978 SYLVESTER performs at SF OPERA HOUSE; shortly afterwards War Memorial Board fires Michael Raines
Lavender Harmony Band founded
Robert Opel opens Fey-Way Studios at 1287 Howard Street in San Francisco.
1979 Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence founded.
Robert Mapplethorpe has first SF one man show at the Brigg on Folsom Street.
Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition at 80 Langton Street.
1980 Valencia Rose opens
1981 Cherrie Moraga and Gloria Anzaldua publish This Bridge Called My Back-writings by radical women of Color.
1982 First International Exhibition of Lesbian and Gay Photography, sponsored by Frameline, at Valencia Rose.
1984 The AIDS SHOW opens at Theater Rhinoceros
1984 Rob Epstein and RIchard Schmiechen win an Oscar for "The Times of Harvey Milk"
First Folsom Street Fair
1985 Gay/Lesbian Historical Society founded
1986 Valencia Rose closes
Cleve Jones initiates the Aids Memorial Quilt project
1987 Randy Shilts publishes AND THE BAND PLAYED ON: Politics, People and the AIDS Epidemic
1989 Marlon Riggs: TONGUES UNTIED
Gay and Lesbian Artists Alliance (GLAA) founded by Richard Bolingbroke and Dori Friend. First Meeting held at Bolingbroke's apartement in San Francisco
STORIES FROM THE QUILT by Rob Epstein wins Oscar
LVA Lesbian Visual Artists is Founded
First Latino/a Visual Arts Exhibition at Mission Cultural Center
GLAA (Gay Lesbian Artists Alliance) show in San Francisco City Hall rotunda.
Josie's Cabaret and Juice Joint opens in the Castro
1991 Brian Freeman premieres Fierce Love-the Pomo Afro Homos
ANGELS IN AMERICA Part One (The Millennium Approaches) premieres at the Eureka Theater
1992 Debra Chasnoff wins an Oscar for "Deadly Deception"
1993 The Cultural Equity Endowment established by San Francisco Arts Commission which includes funding for Lesbian/Gay Art.
"Dykespeak" -S.F. pub. wrtitten by, for, and about lesbians, bisexual and trans women was launched. Later called "Icon:The Thinking Lesbian's Newsmagazine" stopped publication in 1998.
Qcc The Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender Art and Culture is formed.
1995 Harvey Milk Institute opens
1996 Nahum Zenil exhibition at the Mexican Museum
1996 Queer Arts Resource (QAR) website featuring the art of queer artists globally is launced.
1997 "100 years of Gay Rights" and the Magnus Hirschfeld Museum of Sexology" opens for a one month performance/exhibition.
1998 Qcc launches First SF Queer Arts Festival
Comedian Tom Ammiano elected President of the Board of Supervisors.
1999 Qcc launches First National Queer Arts Festival
2000 Josie's Juice Joint closes for good.