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Paint the Town Rainbow: An Illustrated Collection of Queer Histories

Works in Exhibition:

Editor: Rachel Noelle Wood
Illustrators: Diego Gomez, Rachel Noelle Wood, Kelsey Harrison, Kerri Flannigan, Kate Bowman

Title: Paint the Town Rainbow: An Illustrated Collection of Queer Histories, Completed 2011
Dimensions: 8 ½ x 11 inches, 1/3 inch thick
Medium: Paper Zine

Artist’s Description:

Where does queer history come from? It comes from us!

For so long, queer people were forced into silence, and their history was erased. Now that we have an opportunity to live and love in the open, it’s time to share our stories about who we are, what we have accomplished, and where we need to go. This zine is a collection of personal histories, but it is only the beginning. We need your stories!

Let’s tell our stories and demand to be seen for who we really are, with all of our diversity, strength, humanity, and pride.

Let’s listen to each other’s stories, to hear the voices of those who are marginalized within our own movement, and to hear the stories of our queer elders, who fought, organized, spoke out, came out, fundraised, rioted, and paraded until they changed our society

Read our zine here or on our website. Add your story and become part of the conversation! http://sharingourhistories.weebly.com/

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