Cee Sando

A |WÖR|ior’s Social Armor

Works in Exhibition:

Title: A |WÖR|ior’s Social Armor, 2011
Dimensions: 3  x 6 x .5’
Medium: custom cotton onesie

Artist’s Description:

The |wör|iors are a dynamic squad of female LGBTQ identified image artists and service providers.

The members of this dream team have worked in the industry for many years, each developing skills to be the best in the game. Combined the team represents the cream of the crop and endeavors to comment on the multiple layers of discrimination faced on daily basis within their professions and daily lives.

Choosing the imagery of battle and war to reflect the forceful way the squad takes on what have come to be known as societal norms, the |wör|iors make a clear statement. Refusing to be pushed aside any longer, the squad is carving out a gaping hole for the queer female community to not only exist, but to thrive within the fashion and beauty industry.

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