Jeremy Sanders

Convention Installation

Works in Exhibition:

Title: Convention installation (4 placemats, cloth napkins), 2011
Medium: Installation (4 placemats, cloth napkins).

Placemats: USAmerica, India, Brazil, Uzbekistan, 2011
Dimensions: 20 x 14” each
Medium: Hand-woven cotton

Napkins: Trade, Pakoli, Viadu, Besoqolbizlik, 2011
Dimensions: 18 x 18” each
Medium: Hand-woven cotton/linen

Artist’s Description:

Synesthesia causes me to see a particular color associated with every number and letter of the alphabet. I match yarn to the colors I see in words, and then weave cloth with coded text. I use this process to elucidate the subtle hierarchies at play in the clothes we wear and the spaces we inhabit.

Convention deals specifically with cotton manufacturing. 4 of the largest exporters of cotton are USA, India, Uzbekistan, and Brazil. Each placemat represents one nation, and the coordinating cloth napkins are named a slang word applied to gay men in that particular region.

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