Mev Luna / Hir Shit Productions


Works in Exhibition:

Title: WORSE Than QUEER:
Dimensions: variable
Medium: video and mixed media

Artist’s Description:

Worse Than Queer (WTQ) is a curatorial and distribution project, a video and performance event in a box that is mobile and malleable. Artists from the Bay Area, New York, Chicago, Texas, Austria, Iran and Sweden contributed short films that communicate a post-queer sensibility. These works are included in the box kit, which help to facilitate events including local live performance in addition to the video screenings, by supplying the playable DVD a data CD loaded with files of all of the related graphics: printable posters, handbills, submission forms for performance art, and a promo video that can be tailored to the time/date of each city's event. These box kits will be mailed out to producers in any city that wishes to host a Worse Than Queer event.

WORSE Than QUEER: Video and Performance Event Box Kit Prototype

1) Matte Print, design by Arlene Texta Queen  11”x17”

2) Handbills, design by Arlene Texta Queen  4”x6” (multiples)

3) Box Kit, graphics by Arlene Texta Queen & designed by Mev Luna

4) Synopsis Brochure, designed by Mel Reiff Hill

5) DVD 5”x5”

Video Artists included on Worse Than Queer DVD:
Roxy Farhat: Iran /Sweden /LA. Lived Experience 2:32
Housekeeping 6:36
Dawn Frasch: New York. Fucking Lezzz 5:07
Rob Fatal: San Francisco. Llorona 3:22
Mev Luna: Bay Area /Texas. Feast of the Beast 6:08
Wreck Family: Minneapolis. Full of Pride 5:07
Sashenka Lopez aka Nepantlera: Texas. Ot Burl/ Ot Sessy 10:10
Toni Schmale, Laurette Rasch, Sophie Velmar: Austria. Concrete Kisses 9:37
Nica Ross: New York. BS V BULK 5:20
Jake Myers, Lara Stall: Chicago. What Like Computers? 7:58

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