Daniel Goldstein

Icarian IX Decline
Works in Exhibition:

Courtesy Visual Aid and the Artist
Title: Icarian IX Decline
Dimensions: 63" x 28" x 6"
Medium: leather, sweat, wood, copper, felt, plexiglas

Artist’s Description:

Later, in the early '90s, Goldstein premiered a series of sculptures that also latently memorialized those who had died early from AIDS.

The pieces were essentially found art, leather coverings of the equipment at the Muscle System, a gym that Goldstein frequented in the Castro. Well worn and sweat stained by the men who pressed against them daily, the pieces looked like tribal leatherwork from an ancient age.

He called them "The Icarian Series," named after the brand of machines from which the leather came. (Ironically, Icarus was the youth from Greek mythology who fell to his death after flying too close to the sun.)

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