Gregory Nazareth Der Ananian


Works in Exhibition:

Title: Spornography
Max 04.23.11, 2011
Paul 04.25.11, 2011
Christian 04.28.11, 2011
Ernie 05.08.11, 2011
Darren 05.24.11, 2011

Dimensions for each
cumrag: 12" x 19.5"
frame/display: 10.1" x 7.1"
actual video: 800 x 448 pixels (8" diagonal)

Medium for each
digital video
velour handtowel with stitchable 14-count aida band
6-strand cotton embroidery floss

Artist’s Description:

Like spores sent out into the atmosphere for pollination, my cross-stitched cumrags have been spreading into the community since I began my Dirty Pillows line in 2001. Over the years, customers have reported back on the continued, prescribed use of these darling treasures, cementing my ongoing presence in remote sexual experience. Spornography is my way of enjoying this beautiful, fragrant flower.

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