Timothy Bruehl

Installation view

The Community Wall included several artists and artists' projects. Timothy Bruehl's, The First 5 Yesrs, 2005 - 2011, was one of the featured artists.

Work in Exhibition:

Title: The First 5 Years, 2005-2011
Dimensions: 21 x 36”
Medium: print on vinyl

Artist’s Description:

 “In 2005 I was as an extremely self abusive, gay man in the Bay Area seeking (among other things, and like most others) social well-being. From self-inflicted, murky circumstances the “500 Kings in 500 Kingdoms” art project emerged and became a quest for personal renewal, and in fact, a ‘tool to survive’ the labyrinth of modern gay life. My intention is to emphasize the value of self-simplifying what was my priggish mind that consistently justified self-protective ideologies that separated me from the “One People”, “One World” sensibility. My “Guide for Queer Survival”

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