"AIDS Art Activism Women 1980s - 2005" Program
February 16, 2005

This program, took place at Mills College, Oakland, California on February 16, 2005.
It was organized by: Moira Roth, Trefethen Professor of Art History, Mills College; Rudy Lemcke, artist and director of on-line programs for the Queer Cultural Center; and Stephan Jost, curator of the Mills College Museum, Oakland, California.
Sponsored by the office of the President of Mills College.

Below is a program of the Mills College event with links to expanded descriptions of the presentations.


Part 1
AIDS and Art

7:30 Moira Roth and Janet Holmgren: Introductions

7:35-8:05 Stephan Jost: "AIDS and Art" [slide presentation]
Twenty years after the emergence of HIV/AIDS the pandemic continues to grow at a startling rate. From the beginning, artists have found a need to create works that help us understand and conceptualize the complexities of the virus and how it impacts individuals and communities. This lecture explores the artwork created in response to AIDS and gives us insight into the changing nature of the crisis as it moves from a largely western and urban problem to become a problem for millions of women and men in developing countries.

Stephan Jost

8:05-8:10 Vivian Stephenson: Introduction
(Member, Board of Directors, Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation)

8:10-8:20 Rudy Lemcke: "Immemorial," 2005 [video]
Rudy Lemcke's "Immemorial" (2005) juxtaposes recently discovered footage of ACT UP San Francisco's AIDS demonstration on March 6,1990 with footage of his performance/installation for "A Day Without Art" (1992) at the De Young Museum.

Video still from "Immemorial"

8:20-8:25 Margarita Gandia: "Memorializing the AIDS epidemic"
Two hundred architects, designers, artists, landscape architects and students from 21 states and 24 countries submitted ideas for an addition to the National AIDS Memorial in Golden Gate Park that would educate the public, honor the dead, promote hope, and aesthetically enrich the 7-acre grove. From the five finalists, the winner will be selected in April. Margarita Gandia will speak briefly about the project.

Part 2
AIDS and Women

8:25-8:30 Janet Holmgren: Introduction

Janet Holmgren

8:30-8:35 Crystal Mason: Introduction to "Acting Up for Prisoners"
Ms. Mason worked at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation where she started a program to do outreach to women in prison and jail with HIV/AIDS. Ms. Mason was interviewed as part of the "Acting Up for Prisoners" video. She is now Executive Director of the Jon Sims Center for the Performing Arts, San Francisco.

Crystal Mason (video still from "Acting Up for Prisoners")

8:35-9:00 Mic Sweney: "Acting Up for Prisoners," 1992 [video]
Mic Sweney and Eric Slade's "Acting Up for Prisoners" follows ACT UP's highly successful campaign to bring adequate health care and human rights to women prisoners with HIV. Featuring footage from powerful ACT UP demonstrations, compiled media coverage and interviews with activists, including Crystal Mason, now Executive Director of the Jon Sims Center for the Performing Arts, and Mary Lucey, former California's State Women's Correctional Facility inmate.

*Mic Sweney has created an interactive version of "Acting Up for Prisoners" for the Qcc web site*

9:00-9:05 Closing Remarks

9:05-9:30 Reception at Mills College Art Museum


Margarita Gandia, Co-chair, Board of Directors, National AIDS Memorial and member, Board Cttee.
of 2005 design competition, and Chair, Board of the Horizons Foundation

Janet L. Holmgren, President, Mills College

Stephen Jost, Director, Mills College Art Museum

Rudy Lemcke, artist, and director of on-line programs, Queer Cultural Center, San Francisco, Larry Kramer Institute, Yale University, and California Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Arts Alliance

Crystal Mason, film maker and Executive Director, Jon Sims Center for the Performing Arts, San Francisco

Moira Roth, Trefethen Professor of Art History, Mills College

Vivian Stephenson, Chair, Board of Trustees, Mills College, Member, Board of Directors, Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation Board and Chief Operating Officer, Williams-Sonoma, Inc., San Francisco

Mic Sweney, videographer and activist