WORLD AIDS DAY: December 1, 1999
To Commemorate World AIDS Day, Qcc Created this tour of the National AIDS Memorial Grove.

The National AIDS Memorial Grove, located in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, is a dedicated space in the national landscape where millions of Americans touched directly or indirectly by AIDS can gather to heal, hope, and remember. For all the promising prospects on the horizon, AIDS continues to invade our lives, violate our past, and rob us of our comfortable assumptions about the future. The sacred ground of this living memorial honors all who have confronted this tragic pandemic both those who have died and those who have shared their struggle, kept the vigils, and supported each other during the final hours.

The National AIDS Memorial Grove signifies that the global tragedy of AIDS will never be forgotten.

The National AIDS Memorial Grove is a living tribute to all whose lives have been touched by AIDS. Our mission is to provide a healing sanctuary, to increase awareness of this national treasure, and to promote learning and understanding of the human tragedy of the AIDS pandemic.


In late 1988, a small group of San Francisco residents representing a devastated community were looking for a positive way to express their collective grief. They envisioned a serene, natural setting suitable for memorial services or individual mourning and remembrance. From this initial concept, a team of architects, landscapers, designers, and lay people volunteered countless hours to create a living tribute to those lost to the disease.

The Grove and the endowment that helps to ensure its ongoing care and maintenance have been created primarily through private funding. Although the names in the Circle of Friends and other dedications offer personal remembrances, the Grove as a whole honors the memory of all who have shared in the struggle against AIDS.

In 1996, a milestone was reached when Congress and the President of the United States approved the "National AIDS Memorial Grove Act", which officially designates the historic deLaveaga Dell in Golden Gate Park, as the nation's first AIDS memorial. True to its origins, the Grove is a dedicated public landscape where anyone who has been touched by AIDS can find comfort, grieve openly without being stigmatized, and experience feelings of hope that nature can inspire.

(The above text is from the National AIDS Memorial Grove site)
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