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Curator, Tirza True Latimer, features in this exhibition works by artists who use photography against the documentary grain. Their practices – which include art, performance, visual narrative, painting, sculpture, collage, inlay, montage, and video – rely on photographic technology in some phase of the creative process. However diverse, these artists share an awareness of the camera’s capacity “to queer” representations of artistic, social, psychic and/or sexual subjectivity. The exhibition’s emphasis on photography, with its historical implication in the maintenance of embodied hierarchies, calls attention to some of the ways that representational conventions and genres can be “turned” in productively critical ways.

Reframing Sexuality in a Post-Warhol World

This exhibition is, broadly, about such reframings, about art as a quotation inside a quotation inside a quotation, the endless reframing exposing the inherently constructed quality of representation, even at its most putatively natural.

Artists include: Patricia Cronin, Alejandro Diaz, Chitra Ganesh, Karen Heagle, Joe Heidecker, Deborah Kass, Rudy Lemcke, Scott Lifshutz, Franco Mondini-Ruiz, Liss Platt, Hiroshi Sunain, Steed Taylor, San Van Aken, Andy Warhol.

This program, took place at Mills College, Oakland, California on February 16, 2005. It was organized by: Moira Roth, Trefethen Professor of Art History, Mills College; Rudy Lemcke, artist and director of on-line programs for the Queer Cultural Center; and Stephan Jost, curator of the Mills College Museum, Oakland, California.

The program focused on the current issues of AIDS and Activism and the role of women in the on-going struggle of AIDS pandemic.


Owen Keehnen discovered the joy of doing interviews in 1990 when he was asked by a Chicago club magazine to interview Brady Bunch star Eve Plumb.

Interviews by Owen Keehnen include: Charles Busch, Dana Plato, Steven Saylor, Andrew Holleran, Mark Doty, Joan Jett Blakk, Sapphire, Dorothy Allison, Pomo Afro Homos, David Leavitt, Janis Ian, Jewelle Gomez, Dennis Cooper, and many more...

Jonathan D. Katz

Jonathan D. Katz works at the intersection of art history and queer history, one of the busiest intersections in American culture, and yet one of the least studied. A specialist in the arts of the Cold War era, he is centrally concerned with the question of why the American avant-garde came to be dominated and defined by queer artists during what was perhaps the single most homophobic decade in this nation's history.

Jeff Jones
Essays on Cultural Equity

Institutionalized Discrimination in San Francisco's Arts Funding Patterns

Grants for the Arts: A Fourteen Year Review

San Francisco's Prominent Arts Organizations: Why Aren't They Equal Opportunity Employers

Chosen Few Get Bulk of SF's Arts Funding

Fund-raising gap is widening between large, small arts groups


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