Qcc was one of the first non-profit organizations in the U.S. to promote Net Art as a new and legitimate art form.

Gallery 5 presents an array of early examples of Bay Area queer artists exploring this new medium.

Sometimes My Feet Go Numb

Written and Performed
by Wayne Corbitt

Qcc Web Commission (2000)

Audio and Still Images from the video
Produced and Directed by
Lourdes Portillo

Infinite Read

Qcc Web Commission (2000)

by Justin Chin

"You'd be surprised at what passes for love these days."

place this

Qcc Web Commission (2000)

by Margaret Tedesco

I heard myself close my eyes, then open them.
--from Poetics of Space, Gaston Bachelard

Sleepytime Rhyme

Qcc Web Commission (2000)

by Remy Charlip
with Music by Lou Harrison

A nursery rhyme for children of all ages.

Last Call (1974-1985)
by Hugh Buck

Qcc Web Commission (2000)

This installation, completed in 1984, has never been publicly exhibited until now. Qcc is pleased to present on-line the world premiere of this monumental project.

Commentaries on Web Art

Qcc Web Commissions (1999)

Subject: Random reflections re. QCC's web commissions
by Robert Atkins

If A Woman Falls in Cyberspace
by Erin Blackwell

Cyber stretch
by Glen Helfand

The Boy Who Flew For Short Periods

Qcc Web Commission (1999)

by Joe Goode

"The feeling came often. It came when he dreamt of things he liked doing-like touching soft velvet fabrics or placing beautiful flowers all over an empty room. The smell of the flowers and sensual feel of the soft material against his bare skin would lift him up."

Crazy Quilt

Qcc Web Commission (1999)

by Gary Kong

Thread your needle and stitch together the pieces in Gary Kong's fragmented portrait of life in the information age. Each fabric square hides a text. Each text adds to the overall picture. Do they come together to make a quilt? Or do they unravel piece by piece?

Home: Gay and Lesbian Senior Center and Life Quadrangle

Qcc Web Commission (1999)

by Armando Rascon

Baby Boomers start entering their 60's in the year 2006. This signals an increase in the number of senior citizens out & about, which means, any second, you or someone you know is about to take the first step in a process of adjustments in life called retirement. The beginning of the next decade shall re-define just what it means to leave the workplace (who, what, where, + when.)

Wish You Were Here

Qcc Web Commission (1999)

by Mabel Maney

Be prepared for high drama and low camp as a nice 1960's housewife boards a bus in search of her wayward husband, leaving her ten-year-old daughter in the dangerous grip of her aunt Maude, who lets her wear men's clothing behind her mother's back!

Greg Day

Web project (2001)

Greg Day, a founding Qcc board member was influential in the creation of our organization. His work has been exhibited internationally and is known for its fierce male eroticism.

"Marble has no voice; seeing is a kind of ventriloquism.We join an illustrious list of ancestors in hearing our own queer voices emerge from these mute and ancient stones." --Jonathan D. Katz

June 2000: A Month of Art

During the Month of June 2000 Qcc will featured the art of 30 artists who submitted work via email to the Qcc web site. Arttists included: Mic Sweney, William Samios, Robert A. Schaefer, Jr., Del LaGrace Volcano, Markley Morris, Al VonderHaar, Biassino Gesualdi, Greg Day, Jessamyn Lovell, Marcelina Martin, Lenore Chinn, Ed Filth, Grant Sun, Alan Reade, Carl Stewart, Rink Foto, Terry Foreman, Nicole Eisenman, Xochitl Oliva, Valerie Jacobs, Gary Kong, Jackie Gratz, Farika, Hada Weiss, JeanWeisinger, Jerry Rush, Thomas Plagman, Martin Freeman, Don Garlow, and Erin O'Neil