Maya Manvi
Dodi Horvat

Tools for (Re)Construction/Ruelle
mixed media installation


Maya Manvi spends most of her time thinking about the spaces between people, valiancy and her grandmother, the limits and functions of languages, Vaseline, post-apocalyptic science fiction, coffee, social awkwardness, architecting nostalgia, as well as abating anxiety through list making.  Maya graduated with a degree in Art from UCSC in 2009 and lives in Oakland, California.

Dodi Horvat was a science fiction writer. Her archive contains not only her unpublished writing, but also the charts and schematics she used to map out her characters and plots. Dodi might have been transgender. Dodi might not have been.

Ever since I began to engage with Dodi Horvat's archive, I think about it constantly.  It's as if Dodi's writing and photos, in all their ambiguity, crawled their way up into my corpus callosum and carved the tissue and gray matter, made a home for themselves. There is no resolution, no closure, to my relationship to Dodi.  The more I try to take the material fragments of Dodi's life and reconstruct some sort of narrative, the more I find the story reminds me of myself.  This uneasy and ambivalent place is oddly comforting.
It is oddly familiar. -
Maya Manvi

Maya poured over Dodi’s unpublished science fiction writing, amazed by the intensely detailed fictional world Dodi researched and described on numerous handwritten pages. She especially tuned in to Dodi’s focus on gender fluidity, to clues inside and outside the sci fi that Dodi probably identified as a male in the 1970’s, before there was support or opportunity to live a transman identity.  Maya encountered the concept of a “ruelle” in one of her art history courses, and immediately thought of this archaic 18th century secret compartment as the perfect metaphor for Dodi’s secret desires. She crafted strange hybrid tools out of wax to hold in this ruelle, offering Dodi a way to imagine changing his body to suit his self-image. These bone-like artifacts, along with the hand drawn instructional wall paper, form a kind of posthumous gift to Dodi Horvat. - E.G. Crichton

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