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GLBT Historical
Summer 2009

Lineage I

Artists' Pages

Elliot Anderson
Dominika Bednarska
Troy Boyd
Luciano Chessa
Crow Cianciola
Lauren Crux
Bill Domonkos
Maya Manvi
Camille Norton
Gabriella Ripley-Phipps
Tina Takemoto

SOMArts Gallery
Summer 2010

Lineage II

Artists' Pages

Elliot Anderson
Terry Berlier
Tammy Rae Carland
Bill Domonkos
Miki Foster
Jamil Hellu
Dorian Katz
Nomy Lamm
Elissa Perry
Laura Rifkin

LINEAGE: Matchmaking in the Archive

A love-letter on a red napkin, a pair of sequin gloves, an unpublished sci fi novel, a government security clearance, a gold wheelchair trophy, a photograph of Dining Hall #3 in Topaz, Utah:  these are just a few of the artifacts that first lured me to the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Historical Society archives in San Francisco. It was an easy seduction; I am a sucker for mystery and have always found the visual evidence of a person’s life uniquely compelling.

It seems I am not alone. LINEAGE: Matchmaking in the Archive is a project I have developed as the Historical Society’s first artist-in-residence. One by one I match the archives of the dead to living individuals, asking each to invent a response. The resulting encounter resembles a blind date: I think about chemistry, about demographics and mutual interests, about what might emerge from the vault. No one is matched to someone they knew and the collections I select have not yet been in the public eye. Mostly, I use intuition to match creative individuals with an archive that might turn them on. The intense dyadic relationships forming in this process are becoming a kind of lineage, one that resides outside bloodlines and marriage contracts and often outside identity boundaries.

Near the end of 2010, 24 people have been matched to 24 archives. 8 or 9 new participants are waiting for the next chapter in this project.  Some are already matched; for others I need to return to my old cruising ground, the aisles where I locate just the right collection. People die. New collections arrive at the GLBT Historical Society, new kids on the block, waiting for their official spot on the shelf.

The creative work to come out of this process so far has been displayed in 3 exhibitions, performed in several public events, and presented on 3 continents. LINEAGE: Matchmaking in the Archive provides one model for reclaiming historical memory through individual lives, a way to bring archives off the shelf into unexpected creative visibility. For people whose collective and individual traces have so often been erased, taking charge of our community memory is still a radical act.

E.G. Crichton,
Artist-in-Residence for the GLBT Historical Society
Creator of LINEAGE Project
About E.G. Crichton  – E.G. Crichton uses a range of art strategies to explore social issues, history, and site-specific subject matter.  She often works within community settings and collaborates across disciplines with performers, writers, scientists and composers, to name a few. Her work has been exhibited in art institutions and as public installations in Europe, Japan, Australia and across the U.S.  She is an Associate Professor of Art at UCSC and the first Artist-in-Residence for the GLBT Historical Society.

GLBT Historical Society. Main Gallery. 2009

SOMArts Gallery. National Queer Arts Festival. 2010


hanks to Jewelle Gomez for help in crafting a fundraising letter)

Arts Research Institute, UCSC
Committee on Research, UCSC
GLBT Historical Society
Horizon Foundation
Michael and Rachel Katz, in memory of their mother Laura
Pat Cull
Lori Katz
Carol Stuart


Gallery Preparation and Setup

Tom Burtch
Crow Cianciola
Kellie Kawahara
Gabriella Ripley-Phipps
Masha Rotfeld
Spencer Sands
Katie Hutton Saunders

Text Designer

Darrée Diane Hyun

Exhibition Design Consultants

Elizabeth Cornu
Tirza Latimer

Plexiglas Fabrication, Idea for Window display

Maya Manvi

Website and Postcard Design

Bill Domonkos (Postcard and http://lgbtlineage.net Website Design)
Rudy Lemcke (Queer Cultural Center/Lineage Website Design)

Artwork Design

Ria Anderson (Dominica Bednarska’s writing)
Reid Benes (Lauren Crux’s book)
Chloe Rawlins (Troy Boyd’s letter)
Wayne Smith (Camille Norton’s poem)

Brainstorming Collaboration

Lauren Crux

GLBTHS Support

Rebekah Kim,  managing archivist
Aimee Forster, operations manager
Daniel Bao, accounting
Paul Boneberg, executive director
Don Romesburg -  Board of Directors
David Schellinger – street sign design
Aaron Wessels - publicity
The Women’s Committee, especially
Lynn Brown, Cathy Cade, Ruth Mahaney, and Masha Rotfeld


To the Arts Research Institute of UCSC for funding support

To the GLBT Historical Society for sponsoring me as Artist-in-Residence and trusting me with access to their amazing archives.

To Bill Domonkos for designing 2 Lineage cards and the Lineage website (http://lgbtlineage.net)

To Honey Lee Cottrell for generously giving her photographs of Sally Binford and Cynthia Slater to use in artworks and to expand the archive collections.

To Lynda Koolish for photographs of Pat Parker

To the 18 artists so far who have embraced this project and created fresh new work

To Warren Gracie for amazing installation design collaboration

To Barbara McBane and Susan Working for help with framing