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GLBT Historical
Summer 2009

Lineage I

Artists' Pages

Elliot Anderson
Dominika Bednarska
Troy Boyd
Luciano Chessa
Crow Cianciola
Lauren Crux
Bill Domonkos
Maya Manvi
Camille Norton
Gabriella Ripley-Phipps
Tina Takemoto

SOMArts Gallery
Summer 2010

> Lineage II

Artists' Pages

Elliot Anderson
Terry Berlier
Tammy Rae Carland
Bill Domonkos
Miki Foster
Jamil Hellu
Dorian Katz
Nomy Lamm
Elissa Perry
Laura Rifkin

LINEAGE: Matchmaking in the Archive II

The first work to emerge from LINEAGE: Matchmaking in the Archive was exhibited in an inaugural exhibition at the GLBT Historical Society main gallery in summer, 2009.  It included the work of the first 12 participants.

In summer, 2010, as part of CHRONOTOPIA: the Past, Present and Future of Queer Histories, the work of 8 new collaborators formed a self contained installation in the back room of the SOMArts Gallery. LINEAGE: Matchmaking in the Archive is furthermore honored to have work included in the Fabled Asp exhibition at the Skylight Gallery of the San Francisco Public Library in fall, 2010.

E.G. Crichton,
Artist-in-Residence for the GLBT Historical Society
Creator of LINEAGE project

8 plexiglas archive boxes, lights, backlit images of archive materials - E.G. Crichton


To the Arts Research Institute of UCSC for funding support

To the GLBT Historical Society for sponsoring me as Artist-in-Residence and trusting me with access to their amazing archives.

To Bill Domonkos for designing 2 Lineage cards and the Lineage website (http://lgbtlineage.net)

To Honey Lee Cottrell for generously giving her photographs of Sally Binford and Cynthia Slater to use in artworks and to expand the archive collections.

To Lynda Koolish for photographs of Pat Parker

To the 18 artists so far who have embraced this project and created fresh new work

To Warren Gracie for amazing installation design collaboration

To Barbara McBane and Susan Working for help with framing