Dominika Bednarska
Diane "Hugs"Hugaert

Live performance and text poster

Dominika Bednarska is a disabled femme queer academic, writer, performer and activist. She is currently a doctoral student in English and Disability Studies at the University of California Berkeley.  Her writing has appeared in What I Want From You: An Anthology of East Bay Lesbian Poets, Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity and most recently in the Bellevue Literary Review.

Diane "Hugs"Hugaert was a disabled lesbian activist, writer, athlete and member of the performance troupe Wry Crips in the 80's.

We might have flirted if I knew you when you were alive.  Now I am a kind of extension cord into the present for some kind of work or struggle or insight, and that is something that neither starts or stops with me. - Dominika Bednarska

Dominika poured over the journal writings of Diane Hugaert, who documented her most intimate thoughts and feelings in notebook after hand-written notebook. There is no information in the archive about when “Hugs” was born or when she died. But the details she shared with those who read her journals now have become strong inspiration for Dominika’s own writing. Her fictional dialogue between two disabled lesbians takes the risk of exposing powerful and vulnerable realities for a marginalized community.  - E.G. Crichton

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