B. Steadwell and The Lost Bois

Reading Rainbow
4:48 minutes

Artists' Television Access

Artists' Television Access
992 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
June 8, 2010

Video Program:

Elliot Anderson, Unsanitized
Sarolta Jane Cump, California is an Island
Bill Domonkos, Poppy
Bug Davidson, Screen Tests
Dino Dinco, El Abuelo
Mitch Gould, This Beginning of Me
Bill Hsu, Glories, performance trailer
Charissa King-O'brien, Riva and Allison
Peter Max Lawrence, Queer in Kansas
B. Steady and the Lost Bois, Reading Rainbow
ZA Martonhardjono, Five Haikus for the New York City Subway
Jules Shendelman, Bathhouse Poetics

Works in Exhibition:

Reading Rainbow
4:48 minutes
(Video screening at ATA and on video loop at SOMArts)

The Lost Bois emerged out of a great need to write our identities into history on our own terms.  As lovers of music, of hip-hop, of queered artistic expression, we have studied many artists, still finding something was missing.  As The Lost Bois, we adorn our music with subtlety. While grounded in Black Feminist traditions, we speak of queerness, of love, of politics not from a powerless position, but rather from a celebratory one.  Our music is a kind of hip-pop.  We write, we sing, we speak for people like us: queers, dykes, black folks, brown folks, to dance, to fuck,  to smile, laugh at and along with.  Because really, when did it become a rule that queer folks could only make serious music?  Above all, we want our music to be heard.

Our video entitled "Reading Rainbow" remembers the histories of our childhoods through books, while connecting ourselves, and our beloved characters to queerness. The alienation of being different, and finding solace, strength, and family in our little imaginary worlds. 

reading rainbow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1zqzGuDgjI