Bug Davidson

Screen Tests
16 mm

Artists' Television Access

Artists' Television Access
992 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
June 8, 2010

Video Program:

Elliot Anderson, Unsanitized
Sarolta Jane Cump, California is an Island
Bill Domonkos, Poppy
Bug Davidson, Screen Tests
Dino Dinco, El Abuelo
Mitch Gould, This Beginning of Me
Bill Hsu, Glories, performance trailer
Charissa King-O'brien, Riva and Allison
Peter Max Lawrence, Queer in Kansas
B. Steady and the Lost Bois, Reading Rainbow
ZA Martonhardjono, Five Haikus for the New York City Subway
Jules Shendelman, Bathhouse Poetics

Work in Exhibition:

Screen Tests
16 mm
(Video screening at ATA and on video loop at SOMArts)

Screen Tests  seeks to document queer people as moments of possibility. Beginning in New York City (2005) I have used 16mm film, Super 8, and security video to document queer artists, students, and workers. I simply ask subjects to stare into the camera so their eyes will tell our stories, so their eyes will show our existence as it unfolds in time. This work hopes to show how queer bodies transgress not only gender, but modernity and visibility. They are not so much test as historical document. 

Minimally inspired by Warhol's Screen Tests,  these images record identity, mark our visual history as well as our physical position outside the world of mass-mediated, commercial culture. The work contrasts the permanence, fragility, and distance of analog with the immediate and desultory character of digital media. I will be shooting in New Orleans, Austin TX, among other locations this year. For the upcoming program, Screen Tests can be displayed as a video loop, as a continuing work in progress.

--Bug Davidson