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Amy Cancelmo
Edgardo Cervano-Soto
Erika Vivianna
Celeste Chan
Gina de Vries
Dylan Do
Cherry Galette
Diego Gomez
Rik Haber
Miss Vagina Jenkins
Andrew V. Ly
Maria Victoria Mata
Indi McCasey
Jean Melesaine
Yvonne Fly
Onakeme Etaghene
Krista Smith &
Meredith Fenton
Natalia Vigil
Arisa White
Anthony Williams
Greg Youmans

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The Secret History
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Creating Community
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QCC’ began operating  “Creating Queer Community” in 2000 by awarding 5 small commissions ranging from $500 to $1500.   Since then, QCC has commissioned approximately 60 LGBT artists to create new works that authentically express our community’s diverse experiences. Over the past seven years, the vast majority of these commissions have been awarded to culturally-specific and gender-specific individual artists whose work expresses the experiences of queers of color, Lesbians and Transgendered people. The commissioned work has broadened the Queer community’s understanding of the fluid nature of racial and gender identities and has provided many insights into what people of different races, gender identities and ages actually think. QCC has received major grants from the Haas Foundations’ Creative Work Fund, the Gerbode Foundation and the San Francisco Foundation to expand our commissioning activities.

QCC's 2012/2013 CQC Grantees and their projects:

Grantees who will appear as part of the NQAF 2013

Amy Cancelmo
Strange Bedfellows
A curatorial project exploring collaboration in contemporary and historical queer art-making practice.

Edgardo Cervano-Soto & Felix Buo
La Rosa Mixtape
Production and exhibition of La Rosa Mixtape, a short documentary exploring how young immigrant Latino queers of color in the Bay Area respond to anti-immigration policies through drag performance; also features a selection of curated films on the topic & drag performances.

Erika Vivianna Cespedes
Stories of Queer Diaspora
A performance-based literary reading and writing workshop series with youth & young adults that explores how self-identified Queer immigrant, 1st generation, and undocumented peoples navigate their bodies, geography, language, and history.

Gina de Vries
Girl Talk
A spoken-word performance show that will explore relationships of all kinds between transgender and cisgender (i.e., non-transgender) women.

Cherry Galette (Mangos with Chili)
A people of color centered multi-genre production that will invite 8-10 artists to explore legacies of queer and trans people of color uprisings and revolutions, both in North American and global contexts.

The Lady Miss Vagina Jenkins
This Was Queerlesque
A performance art showcase by people of color that will explore intergenerational queer erotic performance art (or queerlesque) and it’s evolution over the course of the last century.

Andrew V. Ly
Brothers in Arms
A joint documentary film and chamber music performance that explores the issue of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among gay and lesbian veterans in San Francisco.

Maria Victoria Mata Soledad
A series of performance installations by six artists of different disciplines unveiling the silenced stories of their ancestors.

Indi McCasey
A theatrical performance utilizing circus arts to explore queer stories with artists who fit outside the norm of gender roles or traditional circus bodies.

Yvonne Fly Onakeme Etaghene
A multi-media solo performance piece interspersed with video that will explore queer African sexuality.

Krista Smith & Meredith Fenton
White Lies
Exposes the hidden agenda of compulsory whiteness and aims to create a more anti-racist LGBTQ and social justice movement through workshops leading to a performance and audience dialogue.

Natalia Vigil
Still Here
An evening of performance and community dialogue, which will explore the experiences of LGBTQI individuals raised in San Francisco during the 80s and 90s and currently residing in San Francisco.

Arisa White
Mixed, Blended & Whole
A collaborative performance troupe whose members use theater, music, dance, and spoken word to explore un-talked about realities of the queer community.

Anthony Williams
Shafted: The Blaxploitation Project
A multimedia theater production that will deconstruct the 1970s Black cinema aesthetic from a black queer perspective.

Greg Youmans
Remembering Tede Mathews NQAF
A literary event that explores the life and legacy of the Bay Area queer poet, performer, and activist, who died of AIDS in 1993.

Grantees that are part of Qcc’s Healthy Community Program.
(These events take place in 2013 but are not part of the Festival)

Celeste Chan-Queer Rebels
Spirit: A Century of Queer Asian Activism
A 2-day event that features an evening of performance, followed by a weekend day panel.

Dylan Do
100 Transmen in 100 Days Health Project
A microphotography initiative will explore the new genital flora found inside of medically transitioned transmen at various stages of testosterone therapy.

Diego Gomez
Queer Mythologies: Rewriting History for a Queer Future
A multimedia gallery exhibition of comic & fantasy art, drag performance and literary readings combatting the marginalization of & violence against queer youth, sex-workers & gender non-conformists and transpeople. 

Rik Haber
A multi-disciplinary performance and visual arts installation that will bring together a diverse group of 8 gender-variant artists to explore their experiences navigating queer communities and chronically ill communities.

Jean Melesaine
Navigating Queer Pacific Waves - January 2013 - Galeria de la Raza
An Asian/Pacific Islander art exhibit with performances from One Love Oceania taking place within the exhibit.

Katie Gilmartin/Chyrsalis Studios
Youth Exhibition
An exhibition of LGBT Youth prints produced as part of her on-going print workshop for this year’s National Queer Arts Festival 2013.

SF Transgender Film & Performance Festival
Returns this year in November.